Hi, my name is Willem

I am a physiotherapist (NOT licensed in the US), licensed massage therapist (LMT) and NCCA accredited personal trainer

I work through referral only


– you have to know somebody who knows me to schedule an appointment

I developed a RedPill app to help therapists better help their patients


… check it out ….. follow the white rabbit

I give students a hefty discount – yay

(availability is limited)


I am from the Netherlands (aka Holland), a very small European country. People in the Netherlands eat lots of cheese, wear wooden shoes, grow tulips and live in windmills


In 1996 I completed a 4 year, Dutch, physiotherapy program – earning over 100 professional credits

(as a reference, in the USA 69 credits are necessary to call yourself a PT)

For a long time I owned a sports injury clinic in the Netherlands – I sold it in 2014

I moved to the USA in 2002

I developed and franchise(d) my own treatment approach

It’s called RedPill and consists of massage (manual) therapy combined with exercises


Oh, I almost forgot, I do not use social media


– personal interaction is the new thing …

People suffering from sports-related, soft tissue injuries and/or pain contact me for help

– I also do preventative work

I work and have worked with many different professional athletes and teams from all over the world

… active in many sports, for example …


I respect my clients’ privacy


– It is not useful knowing who I work or have worked with. What does matter is if I can help YOU be and feel your best

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